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At Central Estates Zambia, we have Farms for sale in Lusaka, Livingstone, Chilanga, Chisamba, Kabwe, Mpongwe, Mkushi and other towns in Zambia.                                   
Choose your preferred option below and contact us for further information. We shall help guide you through the purchasing process.
Similarly, if you have Land for Sale in Zambia, contact us to help you find a suitable Customer at very competitive Commission. Email:
Traditional Land is available for Farming Activities in all Provinces of Zambia. For details, including title acquisition procedure, contact us. Email:
CHIBOMBO | Farms for Sale in Chibombo Zambia
10 Hectares Vacant Land - K 50,000

CHILANGA | Farms for Sale in Chilanga Zambia
Farm 60 Ha available for Sale in Chilanga - K3.5m

CHINGOLA | Farms for Sale in Chingola Zambia
100 Hectares Farm located 6 Km from Chingola CBD. Comprises 5 Bedroom Farm House, 70 by 2 Rooms Workers Quarters, 7 Fish Ponds 140 by 200 Metres, Excavator, 2 Tractors, 4 Generators standby, 10 Ha Mining Area - US $2.8m

CHISAMBA | Farms for Sale in Chisamba Zambia
94 Ha at K11,000/Ha, Chisamba Ranch Area. Caretaker house. 90% Virgin Land.
43 Hectares Farm for Sale in Chisamba. On Title going for K279,500 (K6,500 p/Ha)

CHOMA | Farms for Sale in Choma Zambia
8.1 Hectares Land for Sale in Harmony Settlement Area, Choma. It is on title, and developments include a House, Cleared Field and Paddock. It is located 15 Km from Choma CBD.
50 Hectares Farm Land for Sale in Choma near town. It is located along Masuko Road and is on title. Price K11,000 per Hectare. 
600 Hectares Farm for Sale in Tara Area, Choma. It is fenced and on title. Developments include Power, a Dam and access roads. It is located 36 Km from Choma CBD. Price K2.5m

CHONGWE | Farms for Sale in Chongwe Zambia
7 Acres Farm, House plus Chicken Run K700 000
(Silverest Area) - Committed

KABWE | Farms for Sale in Kabwe Zambia
Mukonchi - 555.5 Ha at K2 500 p/Ha. Only 10 Hectares is cleared, with the rest being virgin Land. A perenial stream traverses through the Farm. Access Road available. Fertile soils, good for crop farming, but also ranching. 
Mukonchi - 576 Ha at K2500 p/Ha. The Farm is all Virgin Land. 3 Km from all weather Mulungushi Road. Access Road available.
Farm 100 Hectares for Sale in Mukobeko Area, 14 Km from Kabwe CBD. On Title, and going for K2,000 per/Ha. 
KALOMO | Farms for Sale in Kalomo Zambia
Farm 25 Hectares for Sale in Kalomo, Zambia. With Perimeter Wire Fence, on title, and located 3 Km off GNR with good road access - K90,000
Farm 1000 Hectares for Sale in Mukwela, Kalomo at K5000 per/Ha.

KAPIRI MPOSHI | Farms for Sale in Kapiri Zambia
Traditional Land available for serious investors. Contact us for details.
10 Hectares Customary Land Available along Kabwe-Kapiri Road within 15 Km of Kapiri Mposhi Town. Contact us for details
Farm for Sale in Kapiri Mposhi 10 Ha - K15,000
Farm Land 4 Hectares for Sale in Kapiri Mposhi Zambia. Located 4 Km from CBD - K12,000

KAZUNGULA | Farms for Sale in Kazungula Zambia
10 Ha Land, Zambezi River Frontage - US $300,000. Access Road available.

KITWE | Farms for Sale in Kitwe Zambia
11 Acres Land for Sale in Garnatone - K230,000
23 Hectaires for Farm for Sale in New Kitwe - K920,000 

LIVINGSTONE | Farms for Sale in Livingstone Zambia
5 Ha in Simonga, Livingstone     - K 45 000
10 Acres in Kasiya, Livingstone  - K 60 000
4.7 Ha in Simonga, Livingstone  - K 42 000
4.5 Ha in Simonga, Livingstone  - K 40 000
1500 Hectares Developed Farm Land for Sale in Livingstone, Zambia. Developments include 4 Workers Houses, Bore Hole, Cattle Feeding Troughs, Perimeter Fence and a Dam. Price: K3.5m (US$350,000). 
Land 55 Acres for Sale in Livingstone, Zambia. Just 3 Km from the Falls with Road Frontage - K2.8m
6.4 Hectares River Frontage Land for Sale in Simonga Area, Livingstone. It is suitable for Hosipitality business. Price K2.5m

Developed Farm 1546 Hectares with 2 Km Road Frontage for sale in Senkobo, Livingstone Zambia.  Developments include 3 Dams, 2 Farm Houses, 16 Workers Houses, Farm Warehouse, Safari Lodge with 5 Self-contained Chalats, Standby Genset 50 KV. The Farm also has Wildlife and 17 Km of Safari Road Network. There are 7 Bole Holes . Price US$1.9m.

LUSAKA | Farms for Sale in Lusaka Zambia
25 Acres Mumbwa Road, Nampundwe Area - K 700 000. Farm House plus Workers Quarters.
10 Hectares, developed farm. 100 metres from Mongu/Mumbwa Road. 3 Bedroom House, Bole Hole and Water tank - K750,000 
3 Acres Kabwe Road Frontage. 13 Miles. K450,000

MASAITI I Farms for Sale in Masaiti Zambia



437 Hectares Farm for Sale in Masaiti, Copperbelt Province, Zambia. The Farm has a Dam and is on title. Price K2.1m.


MKUSHI | Farms for Sale in Mkushi Zambia

740 Ha - K  3 000/ha. 4 Km from Main Road (GNR) near Lunsemfwa River. 2 Streams.  Access Road, Water and power available.

MPONGWE | Farms for Sale in Mpongwe Zambia
Traditional Land available for serious investors, contact us for details.
Farm Land 11 Ha for Sale in Mpongwe, Zambia - K30,000
Farm 237 Ha available in Mpongwe - Price K7000/Ha

MUKONCHI | Farms for Sale in Mukonchi Zambia
1100 Ha - K  2 500/ha. With Perenial stream. neg

NAMWALA I Farms for Sale in Namwala Zambia
2000 Hectares Farm for Sale in Namwala, Zambia. It is on title and located 30 Km from Namwala CBD, in Muchila Area, and is good for Ranching. Price K3.6m

NDOLA | Farms for Sale in Ndola Zambia
30 Ha Farm with Farm House for Sale in Chiwala Ndola, 20 Km from Ndola CBD - K250,000

NGABWE | Farms for Sale in Ngabwe Zambia 
Traditional Land available to serious Investors. Contact us for details. At Central Estates, we shall help you through the process of obtaining title.

SERENJE | Farms for Sale in Serenje Zambia
200 Hectares Land available for Sale in Serenje Zambia near the Turnoff. With main Road Frontage and a House, you have somewhere to start from. - Price K320,000

SOLWEZI | Farms for Sale in Solwezi Zambia
256 Hectares on title near Solwezi Town. Comprises 20 Ha cleared Land, Store Rooms, Workshop, Cattle Handling Facilities, 2 Bedroom Cottage, a Dam, Pereniel Stream and good underground water supply. 25 Km from Solwezi CBD. 
Price: US $300,000.
For more details, Call Seller (Susan) on +260 968838863 or email: 

ZIMBA | Farms for Sale in Zimba Zambia
For available Farms in Zimba, contact us indicating to type and size of Farm required.

Vacant Traditional Land is available in all Provinces of Zambia. If you need Land for Farming, contact us for options and acquisition process. At Central Estates, we shall help you acquire the Land as well as title.
Traditional Land is Cheaper to acquire in Zambia, and affords you a chance to own Land in a District and Area of your Choice. If you are a busy Professional or Working outside Zambia, let us help you process all the documentation and deliver the Title to your door step at a very competitive Fee. For details, email us your requirements:

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